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Date: June 15, 2021

Mini excavators, also known as compact excavators, are widely used and reputed for their versatility and manoeuvrability. In the UAE, and across the Middle East, you can easily find them working in a range of different projects, especially for road construction, building parking lots and similar projects. Let us look at some of the biggest advantages of working with such an excavator.

They are Easy to Use

This particular type of machinery comes with a compact body, you can fit different types of attachments and variety of bucket sizes. So, you can make it suitable for practically many jobs without hassles. The operation of a mini excavator, especially the ones made by brands like Cat®, is extremely simple-to-use, as well. You most often don’t need to hire anyone specifically for the handling the equipment. Almost anyone can learn the operation within a few hours.

Tight Spaces can be Tackled Easily

One of the issues of large-sized excavators is that they can’t reach tight spaces. This makes achieving precision in a tight spaced project, incredibly difficult. This becomes an issue for roadwork and similar jobs. When you take a mini excavator, such issues would be solved. Cat® excavators come with advanced controls which makes it easy to handle any such tasks with ease.

They can be Easily Transported

Transporting machines often turn out to be a challenge. If you are hiring the equipment and looking to transport from the dealer to your work site, or you are looking to transport the machine from one site to another, you would need to plan for a lot of different things if it’s a large excavator. If it is a small one, then the hassles are reduced by a significant degree. They can easily fit in extended pickup beds or even into the trailer of a pickup truck!

They Don’t Have Limited Functionality

You might think that their smaller size would mean limited functionality. Well, most modern compact excavators have almost the same functionalities that you would find in their larger counterparts. They can still swing 360 degrees, just like large excavators. This means that there is no need to re-position the trucks. You can simply swing to place the load into the dump truck.

They Don’t Do Much Damage

Since the mini excavators are light-weight, you can avoid grinding or scraping the surface that you are working on. In smaller machines, you have rubber tracks that help the load the machine for transport, thereby reducing the chance of slips. If you are working in an environment like a building or similar enclosed construction, you don’t need to tear down walls or enlarge the doorways to accommodate the machine as they are so small.

They are Quieter

Most of such excavators are designed to produce less noise. When they cross hard surfaces and cement, they produce much less noise than larger excavators. This makes them perfect for working in residential projects.

They save You Money

Last but not the least, small excavators save you a good deal of money. For starters, they are less expensive compared to the full-sized excavator. So, if you are getting a new or a used excavator for sale, you will have to spend less. But that’s not all; there are other ways in which the machine will be saving you money. For example, you don’t need to spend money to get special permits to haul the machine through the highway. You don’t need to hire a specialized driver with a commercial driver license, as that is not necessary for such small size excavators. On top of that, you can save a lot of fuel and maintenance costs.

As you can see, getting mini excavators does offer a lot of advantages. But you would need to invest in the right machine. Cat® Compact Excavators are designed to give you the level of performance that you need. At Al-Bahar, you would get a range of small excavating machines, from the nifty Cat® 300.9D excavator with its 13 HP engine to the 310 excavator which delivers an excess of 70 horsepower while still weighing just a bit over 10 tonne. All our machines are supported by our excellent maintenance programs which give you the complete peace of mind.

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