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Date: February 25, 2019

A Quick Guide to Buying Used and New Articulated Trucks in Dubai

Things to Consider before Adding Used Articulated Trucks to your Fleet

With advancements in technology and equipment, construction site owners have a lot of choice and options to choose. On the other hand, is it wise to get used equipment in the current market, when you have new equipment to improve operational efficiency? The answer is not same for every construction site owner and contractor. This article looks at some of the things to be considered whether you are buying a new or used articulated truck.

Look for the wear points

Inspection is of utmost importance when it comes to buying articulated trucks, especially if you are looking to invest in used trucks. One of the most prominent components of inspection is a thourough inspection of the wear points. Hinge joints, engine, and other under the hood components of an articulated truck can be hard to repair if they have previously sustained a substantial damage. Ask your supplier to help you inspect the wear points and see how much damage is repairable. In case of a new articulated truck, you have the assurance that the repair costs are zero or reasonable. In case of a used articulated truck, you need to ensure that there will not be a need for repairs at least for coming few years.

Check the hours

The more hours the machine has logged, higher the chance that you will need to replace some components in the near future. The hours logged on the machine determine its use in the past. 5000 hours are considered to be relatively low as compared to 20,000 hours. So, when buying a used articulated truck, ensure that it has at least minimum hours logged and can offer longevity. The biggest advantage of acquiring a brand new articulated truck is ‘0 hours’. However, depending on the budget and the duration for equipment requirement, used articulated trucks could offer substantial benefit.

Check for the Surface Damage

The number one thing that you will probably notice about the equipment is its surface flaws. Minor dents and scratches can be ignored; however, if the surface or the body of the equipment shows visible signs of damage, it may cost you in the near future. Do not ignore the visible signs of damage while shopping for used articulated trucks.

Check for Maintenance Records

Under the Hood, inspection can help you determine whether the machine has been properly maintained in the past. Start with checking the equipment’s maintenance records. Ask your dealer/supplier for access to those records before the investment. Check whether the filters have been replaced and the fluid levels to see if the machine has had regular maintenance. Ensure whether the machine was maintained regularly using the right parts, oils, and filters. A properly maintained machine is more likely to offer increased longevity, than the one poorly maintained over the years.
To conclude, the decision of buying new or used articulated truck depends on your specific site requirements. If you need a machinery for just one project, then investing is used equipment makes sense. On the other hand, if you are looking to add equipment to your fleet for a long-term use, it is wiser to invest in brand new equipment. Either way, consult with your equipment dealer and ensure proper inspection before making the investment.