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Date: May 6, 2021

There are a few things that are a common sight in almost every construction site. One such equipment is articulated dump truck. Whether it is a civil construction site or a mining project, these trucks are often found to be the workhorse. If you are looking to invest on an articulated dump truck, then you would need to know about a few things. Today, global brands like Caterpillar manufacture a wide range dump trucks to meet the different needs to clients. You need to choose the right option so that you get a machine that makes your operation more efficient. Here, we would be taking a look at the factors that you should consider before you invest on such equipment.

Different Factors to Consider When Buying an Articulated Dump Truck

There are many different factors that you need to consider while buying such a heavy equipment. Cost is one of them. If your budget doesn’t allow you to go for a new one, then you can always go for a used dump truck. You can also get one on rent. Apart from the cost, here are some of the most important factors that you should consider include:

Type of Work: Evaluate the kind of work that you need to do with the truck. For example, if you are looking to haul large loads in one go, then articulated trucks might not be the right option. Most articulated trucks can’t haul loads more than 50 tonnes. However, if you are looking to transport materials through roads or bridges that have a weight limit, then they are perfect, because in most cases, they don’t exceed such limits.

The Specifications: You would also have to look at the features of the machine. The most important feature is, without a doubt, the hauling capacity of the truck. You also need to look at the power of the truck as that would give you a good idea about the performance of the vehicle.

Distance: If you are going to cover short distances, then low-speed vehicles are good enough as they are easy to handle and affordable. On the other hand, if you require to cover large distances, then you need high speed models for better efficiency.

The Advantages of Investing in a Cat® Dump Truck

Cat dump trucks are known for their durability, agility and performance. Cat trucks are built with high quality materials that can undergo rough handling. When you are buying such a machine, you expect it to have superior off-road capability and easy manoeuvrability. This is exactly what you get from a Cat Truck. Combining the latest in technology with the very best in quality materials, Caterpillar offers you the best-in-class performance.

The Cat® line of dump trucks consists of the 725 C2 and 730 C2 as well as the 740 EJ, 740 GC and 745 trucks. The 725 C2 and 730 C2 models are often available as bare-chassis models, allowing you better payload management. On the other hand, 740 EJ (Ejector Truck) & 740 GC are available as three-axled articulated trucks which can handle payloads of up to 41 Tonnes. At Al-Bahar, we offer an exhaustive line of Cat articulated dump trucks throughout our territory.

The Cat 740 EJ features a world-class cab design, re-engineered using global operator feedback to advance comfort and ease of operation. Enhancements include new controls, transmission-protection features, hoist-assist system, advanced automatic traction control system, stability-assist machine rollover warning system, and a fuel saving ECO mode. Ejector has an unique advantage, the dump body does not raise up to dump the material, the height of the machine remains always same – helps in places like underground mining or area with lot of overhead electrical lines.

Get the Al-Bahar Advantage

Al-Bahar brings to you the widest range of Cat® articulated trucks in UAE. We offer bare chassis models as well as three-axled dump trucks that comes equipped with all the features. Apart from quality products, we also offer reliable support through our comprehensive Customer Value Agreements.

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