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Date: August 13, 2017

6 Signs Indicating the Right Time to Invest in a new Equipment

Benefits of utilizing new and suitable Cat® heavy equipment for construction sites

Construction sites, regardless of their work nature, require substantial and regular evaluation. There are a lot of things that one needs to consider in order to utilize the current resources for establishing a productive and safe environment for a construction site. Things can easily slip out of the cracks; site managers may ignore or sometimes neglect the little signs that can harm the overall profitability and safety levels of the site in the long run. Here is a list of signs that highlight the need for specialized and new heavy equipment for a construction site.

  1. Current equipment is not performing as expected
    Often due to excessive usage or other reasons, the current equipment performs lesser than expected. Understanding such scenarios and identifying such equipment is crucial. Once identified, considering the business requirements, it may be time to invest in a new Equipment – to ensure value-for-money in the long run. It will boost back the productivity.
  2. Maintenance of current equipment is costing more than planned
    Maintenance Cost is an excellent indicator for planning reinvestment. Machine components, as they wear out, calls for maintenance and if the maintenance is not done in time, calls for replacement of costly parts. Planning Proper Maintenance can indicate the most economical option: repair of parts or replacement of machine.
  3. Current site machinery is older than recommended usage
    If the equipment has already been utilized beyond recommended hours, it might be a good time to consider purchasing new equipment. Construction Machinery used over a certain limit may become less reliable comparatively in terms of functionality and can easily add on to the repair costs. Brand new equipment allows one to retain everyday functionality and reduce the annual repair costs.
  4. Need for a specialized equipment
    Every heavy equipment has a dedicated application that it is designed to accomplish. Each construction equipment comes with its own set of distinct features and capabilities enabling it to perform varied tasks at a particular construction site. Caterpillar’s Continous Process Improvement ensures machines are designed according to the current demanding environment. Considering the latest machinery with current technology, meeting current demands are always a viable option.
  5. Existing machines are overburdened
    Regular maintenance checks can easily highlight if a machine is overburdened. Construction equipment needs regular maintenance in order to provide optimum performance. If the existing construction equipment seems to be overburdened, it is time to invest in a new construction equipment to maintain the overall efficiency of the site and save more on the costs.
  6. Existing equipment are becoming a liability
    Another prominent sign for changing an equipment is when existing machinery seems to become a liability to the business. If an equipment is outdated, and no longer offers the value that is expected of it, then it might act as a liability to the business. One should calculate the costs associated with the new construction machinery on the site and analyze if the costs are worth it, and accordingly decide to opt for a new machine or continue with the existing one.

    New equipment definitely brings along more productivity to the site operations. It advisable to invest in new equipment, only after having weighed upon the business needs and equipment capabilities. New construction machinery from reliable brands like Caterpillar along with the unmatched support of dealers like Al-Bahar can enhance the overall operations at your site by assuring a continuous and profitable workflow.