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Date: November 7, 2018

5 Things to Consider before Installing Used Generators

There is an old saying that goes like, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. Preparation and timely information are among the most important factors for construction site safety and maintenance. If you are looking to install machinery or bring heavy equipment to a construction site, there are several factors you might want to take into account before proceeding. This post specifically targets the safe installation and use of generators on a construction site to help you ensure prevention.

Choosing the Right Generator

Used generators can help you save a lot of money. However, if you are not careful about the condition of the generator, you might just be investing in a liability. Apart from the condition, you need to decide about the type of generator that would suit your need best. There are few minute settings in Generators according to the customers’ exact needs. Verify the generator you buy has the similar need based settings as yours. Every generator has a built in odometer that can help you look into its history and see how much it has been used. In addition to that, you need to ensure that the generator can offer you a good value for your money with considerable amount of longevity.

Understanding Power Requirements

Depending on your site requirements, your power supply needs can vary. Ideal construction site owners invest in electrical generators according to the power requirements of the site. For industrial construction sites with mega projects, the demand for power supply is usually higher. Talk to your equipment supplier about the power systems required to fulfill the demand of your specific construction site.

Site Planning for Installation

When preparing to install a generator, always rely on manufacturer’s guidelines. It is also recommended that you create a basic diagram of the site where the generator is to be installed before proceeding with the installation procedure. Here are a few of things you need to ensure:

  • The site for the generator should have ample space to allow regular maintenance
  • The fuel supply should be located nearby to allow easy access to fuel
  • The site should be protected by a security fence and possibly a banner for safety purposes
  • The electrical wires for the power supply must be concealed under ground or settled above ground to avoid any hazard
  • The facility should have open sky to let off the engine emissions

Site Preparation

Site preparation allows you to take into account all the important factors that make the installation safe for your site. Preparing the mounting gear and auxiliary systems before the installation can save you a lot of time during the process. Make sure to perform the following steps before the installation process:

  • Create a concrete pad for the generator
  • Attach the mounts to their pads and gauge how many mounts are required – Usually, you will have the proper gear and set of mounts supplied with the generator purchase
  • If you are installing the generator inside a site facility, make sure to equip the facility with appropriate exhaust system

Power system Maintenance

Power systems, regardless of their nature, require consistent and regular maintenance that ensures that all components of the system are working well. Maintenance also ensures that you can access timely power supply during power shortage. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for generator’s regular maintenance and ensure its longevity in the end.

To conclude, buying a used generator can be a cost-effective decision only if you are careful about its condition and its utilization on your site. Ask your dealer to provide you maintenance records for the used generator you intend to buy and learn about its maintenance history. Moreover, follow the above-mentioned steps to have a safe installation process.