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Date: October 14, 2017

4 Things to Consider before Investing in Genuine Cat® Parts

When it comes to buying construction equipment parts, it is good to ask some basic questions, to understand the requirement better and choose the right kind of parts needed. One must understand the requirement before making the purchase. For example, how long would the equipment be used, what specific purpose the equipment will serve in the long run, and most importantly, what kind of maintenance will be required to keep it working optimally. Cat® parts are precisely designed for specific site equipment, so before investing in new parts one needs to assess if they are a best fit for their specific needs. This article highlights four main things that can be considered before investing in genuine Cat parts.

    1. Consider the Objectives of the Project/Company:
      When buying parts for the heavy machinery; make sure that the budget is spent on the equipment that is necessary for the current and potential future projects.
    2. Assembly Requirements:
      Correct assembly requires patience and skill. One must have the right set of skills to ensure correct assembly of the Cat parts with their respective heavy machinery. Assess the assembly requirements before the purchase, and get help if needed. Most sellers will offer support as a part of the purchase process. In case, the support isn’t there, contact experts who can ensure the correct assembly.
    3. Understand the Long Term Requirement:
      If the heavy machinery is older than 10 years and requires parts replacement, one should assess whether the replacement will be worth it. If the machinery is depreciating in itself, then adding a brand new part may not be the best thing to do. Understand the requirement for the equipment. If it is required for long term in the future, it is better to invest in new machinery instead of equipping the old one with brand new parts.
    4. Understand the Support for Parts Repair:
      As mentioned-above, the seller will probably offer support, but not always all sellers offer repair and maintenance support. Before signing the purchase order, talk to the seller/dealer and enquire about the repair services for the specific Cat parts. The main problem that most construction site owners and equipment handlers have when it comes to machinery parts is the assembly and maintenance. Even if one does not get help with the assembly, one still requires expertise for regular maintenance. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure right support.

It happens more than often that a construction site owner uses an incomplete or inadequate criteria to make the buying decision. Genuine Parts can cost the budget and even more for repair and maintenance, which is why it is essential to take some time and research adequately about the parts and their usage for the specific sight requirements. If necessary, consult the equipment operators who will be using it, and the specialist who understands equipment requirements to find suitable parts according to the specific needs.