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SATCO Harvester Heads

Fixed and dangle harvester heads are simple to operate and maintain. A full line of models are available in fixed and dangle styles and in a variety of cutting capacities and weights to meet your specific applications.


  • Specification Summary

  • Bar Pitch/Type 0.404 in/18HX
  • Knives Open 690 mm
  • Rollers Open 800 mm
  • 4x630 cc Motors 40 kN

Product Details

Main Saw

Bar Pitch/Type 0.404 in/18HX
Bar Length 902 mm
Maximum Cutting Diameter 730 mm


Knives Open 690 mm
Rollers Open 800 mm

Maximum Feed Force

4x630 cc Motors 40 kN

Maximum Feed Speed

4x630 cc Motors 4.8 m/s


TMVW Motors 2 - 18 in, 50 - 457 mm

Close Minimum

TMVW Motors 50 mm


Single & Single 1 Upper floating, 2 Moveable/2 Cutting Edges


Weight - With Topping Saw 2782 kg
Chain/Bar Oil Capacity 15 l
Recommended Hydraulic Flow 300 l/min
Recommended Hydraulic Pressure 300 bar


Depth 1450 mm
Height - Rotator Pin 2140 mm
Roller Diameter - Thumbnail 390 mm
Width - Rollers Closed 1680 mm
Width - Rollers Open 1900 mm

Topping Saw Option

Bar Length 672 mm
Bar Pitch/Type 0.404 in/18HX
Maximum Cutting Diameter 460 mm
Catepillar Equipments


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