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Orange Peel Grapples

Caterpillar Grapples replace the bucket on Caterpillar Excavators, converting them to the ideal machine for handling loose material, sorting trash, and demolition site cleanup. An array of styles and sizes are available to match Excavators to the task at hand.


  • Specification Summary

  • Capacity1500 m3
  • Weight2410 kg
  • Max. Lift Capacity12000 kg
  • Height - tines closed2265 mm
  • Height - tines open1880 mm
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Product Details

Capacity 1500 m3
Weight 2410 kg
Max. Lift Capacity 12000 kg
Height - tines closed 2265 mm
Height - tines open 1880 mm
Diameter - tines closed 2050 mm
Diameter - tines open 3050 mm
Ground clearance - tines open 955 mm
Pin diameter 90 mm
Width of crosshead 200 mm
Overall Width 2230 mm
Maximum Opening 2675 mm

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