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Reclamation U-Blades

From landfills to power plants to construction sites, Cat® Blades are there, equipping Track-Type Tractors, Wheel Tractors, Track Loaders, and Integrated Toolcarriers with tools designed specifically for the job at hand. Cat Blades provide the best performance and productivity for Cat Machines.

30.6 m³ (40.0 yd³)

  • Specification Summary

  • Capacity30.6 m3
  • Width5690 mm
  • Wing Angle28 Degrees
  • Height2413 mm
  • Weight6441 kg
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Product Details

Capacity 30.6 m3
Width 5690 mm
Wing Angle 28 Degrees
Height 2413 mm
Weight 6441 kg

360° Exterior View

Catepillar Equipments


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