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Attachments tailor Cat machines to the specific requirements of a customer's working needs. Caterpillar Attachments enhance the productivity and utility of Caterpillar machines, equipping them for a wide range of tasks and operating requirements, and providing total system solutions for any job application.

If you are looking for the most cost effective and productive line of shears in the industry, then Cat is the name for you.


  • 360-degree jaw rotation enables quick and accurate positioning.
  • Fully reversible knife system for easy maneuvering .
Cat shears are engineered to be the best in the market. From providing you with a one-stop solution to your steel frame demolition and scrap processing application, the Cat shear is one of a kind. Cat shears can be used to demolish heavy-built steel structures as well as handling heavy scrap.

Al-Bahar is the exclusive distributor of Cat shears in the Middle East, providing complete coverage across UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. All shears are built for easy maintenance, lowering operational costs and resulting in greater output levels. Make the best of your Cat heavy machinery by getting hold of Cat shears today.

If you would like to know more about buying or renting Cat shears, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you at the soonest.

Shears for Cat® Excavators and Mini Excavators are built to optimize productivity and cost effectiveness of the shear/excavator system, minimizing downtime and maintenance.

Model Throat Force Apex Force Tip Force  
1812 kN
653 kN
385 kN
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3706 kN
1583 kN
892 kN
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5562 kN
2221 kN
1274 kN
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6818 kN
2751 kN
1558 kN
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10342 kN
3754 kN
2008 kN
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12509 kN
4696 kN
2481 kN
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