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Attachments tailor Cat machines to the specific requirements of a customer's working needs. Caterpillar Attachments enhance the productivity and utility of Caterpillar machines, equipping them for a wide range of tasks and operating requirements, and providing total system solutions for any job application.

If you are looking for best quality augers in the industry that are built to suit all your needs, Cat is the name for you.


  • Multiple auger drive systems engineered with the right amount of speed and torque that can adapt to work efficiently on different surfaces.
  • Exclusive mounting brackets designed to provide remarkable structural reinforcement and easy transportation.
Al-Bahar brings to you the most thorough set of augers in the industry, exclusively available in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. Cat augers are the perfect choice for a variety of landscaping, digging and drilling applications.

The wide arrange of augers range from light-to-moderate duty work as well as heavy duty high performance drilling applications. The state-of-the-art design structure enables easy storage, flexibility of positioning and effortless usage.

If you are looking to purchase new and used Cat augers from Al-Bahar, please fill in our contact form and have a specialist contact you at a convenient time.

Cat® Augers equip Cat machines for post hole auger applications, such as fencing, footings, sign posts, trees and shrubs in construction, agricultural and landscaping jobs..

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