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Open Bowl Scrapers

Cat Wheel Tractor-Scrapers have the power, traction, and speed for reliable output in a variety of applications. Scraper options include single- and tandem-engine open bowls, tandem engine push-pulls, elevators, and auger arrangements.

657G Scrapers

Quick loading, high travel speeds and the ability to load and dump on the run yield fast cycle times, allowing Caterpillar® Wheel Tractor-Scrapers to consistently deliver high productivity.

  • Specification Summary

  • Flywheel Power: Tractor/Scraper 447 kW (600 hp) / 337 kW (451 hp)
  • Scraper Capacity: Heaped 33.6 m3
  • Top Speed (Loaded) 55.7 km/h
  • Tractor Engine C18 ACERT
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Product Details

Tractor Engine

Flywheel Power: Tractor/Scraper 447 kW (600 hp) / 337 kW (451 hp)
Net Power 421/447 kW 564/600 hp
Gross Power - Gears 1-2 445 kW
Gross Power - Gears 3-8 471 kW
Net Power - Gears 1-2 421 kW
Net Power - Gears 3-8 447 kW
Bore 145 mm
Stroke 183 mm
Displacement 18.1 L

Scraper Bowl

Scraper Capacity: Heaped 33.6 m3
Rated Load 47200 kg
Capacity Struck 24.5 m3
Depth of Cut - max. 425 mm
Width of Cut, to Router Bits 3846 mm
Ground Clearance - max. 545 mm
Cutting Edge - thickness 22 mm
Hyd. Penetration Force - 657G 542 kN
Depth of Spread - max. 680 mm
Apron Opening 2340 mm
Apron Closure Force 176 kN


Top Speed (Loaded) 55.7 km/h
1 Forward 5.5 km/h
2 Forward 10 km/h
3 Forward 10.9 km/h
4 Forward 14.8 km/h
5 Forward 19.8 km/h
6 Forward 26.9 km/h
7 Forward 36 km/h
8 Forward 55.7 km/h
Reverse 9.7 km/h


Tractor Engine C18 ACERT
Scraper Engine Cat C15 ACERT

Scraper Engine

Net Power 306/337 kW 410/451 hp
Gross Power - Gears 1-2 326 kW
Gross Power - Gears 3-8 356 kW
Net Power - Gears 1-2 306 kW
Net Power - Gears 3-8 337 kW
Bore 137 mm
Stroke 171.5 mm
Displacement 15.2 L

Weights - Standard, tandem

Total Shipping 66615 kg
Tractor Shipping 39969 kg
Scraper Shipping 26646 kg
Total Operating - empty 67774 kg
Front Axle 40665 kg
Rear Axle 27110 kg
Total Operating - loaded 114949 kg
Front Axle Weight - loaded 58624 kg
Rear Axle Weight - loaded 56325 kg

Weights - Push-Pull

Total Shipping 70395 kg
Tractor Shipping 42023 kg
Scraper Shipping 28372 kg
Total Operating - empty 71554 kg
Front Axle 42715 kg
Rear Axle 28839 kg
Total Operating - loaded 118729 kg
Front Axle - loaded 60552 kg
Rear Axle (Loaded) 58177 kg


Width – Overall Machine 4344 mm
Width – Tractor 3601 mm
Width - rear tire center lines 2633 mm
Width – Inside of Bowl 3683 mm
Width - outside bowl (shipping width) 3914 mm
Height – Overall Shipping 4710 mm
Height – Top of Cab 3712 mm
Ground Clearance – Tractor 645 mm
Front of Tractor to Front Axle 3770 mm
Axle to Vertical Hitch Pin 608 mm
Height – Scraper Blade Maximum 680 mm
Wheelbase 9956 mm
Length - overall machine 16164 mm
Rear Axle to Rear of Machine 2438 mm
Bail Length - max. (push-pull) 1836 mm

Service Refill Capacities – Scraper

Fuel Tank - 657G 1597 L
Crankcase 38 L
Transmission 121 L
Differential 163 L
Final Drive (per side) 29.5 L
Wheel Coolant (each) 130 L
Cooling System 88 L

Service Refill Capacities – Tractor

Crankcase 64 L
Transmission 136 L
Differential 138 L
Final Drive (per side) 23 L
Cooling System 125 L
Hydraulic Reservoir 303 L
Wheel Coolant (each) 130 L
Windshield Washer 6 L


Width - 180° Turn, right 13.82 m
Width - 180° Turn, left 14.73 m
Steering Angle – Right 90°
Steering Angle – Left 85°


Bowl Cylinder Bore 235 mm
Bowl Cylinder Stroke 950 mm
Apron Cylinder Bore 235 mm
Apron Cylinder Stroke 760 mm
Ejector Cylinder Bore 260 mm
Ejector Cylinder Stroke 1946 mm
Steering Circuit 435 L/min
Scraper Circuit 579 L/min
Cushion Hitch Circuit 56 L/min
Secondary Steering Circuit 430 L/min
Relief Valve - Steering Circuit 13500 kPa
Relief Valve - Implement Circuit 13800 kPa
Compensator Setting - Cushion Hitch Circuit 20670 kPa

Power Train – Engine

The C18 and the C15 engines with ACERT™ Technology works at the point of combustion to optimize engine performance. Matched with the torque converter and power shift transmission, it provides years of dependable and efficient service.

Power Train – Transmission

Electronic controls switch from converter drive to direct drive based on gear selection, maximizing efficiency and power application. Tractor and scraper engines are synchronized for smooth operation and longer service life.


Superior structural design delivers stateof- the-art ride, capacity, and material control while assuring the durability and reliability customers expect from Caterpillar.

Operator Station

Convenient control placement and a comfortable work environment are keys to high productivity. Features include electro-hydraulic controls, an available air seat suspension and advanced instrumentation.

Electronic Controls

The electronic controls respond to operator commands and input from on-board sensors to optimize machine performance. In addition, the electronic controls provide advanced diagnostic capabilities that result in better machine availability.

Scraper Bowl

Caterpillar® Scraper bowls are designed for excellent material flow and retention for fast cycle times and high productivity.

Push-Pull Arrangement

For maximum production capability, Caterpillar offers an optional push-pull arrangement for the 657G, which allows two push-pull scrapers to act as a selfloading machine.

Auger Arrangement

Provides self-loading capability with the same wide material appetite as an open bowl machine.


Grouped service points and easy access, the latest electronic monitoring systems and rugged Caterpillar components simplify maintenance and minimize downtime.

Customer Support

Caterpillar dealers have the parts and service capabilities to keep your wheel tractor-scrapers working.
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