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Roof Bolters

Caterpillar offers a broad line of room & pillar products that have undergone extensive redesign and re-engineering to deliver the highest performance available in the marketplace.

RB220 - Roof Bolter

"The RB220 is a low profile roof bolter with tramming heights as low as 33 inches. Unlike the RB120 chassis, the RB220 is longer and articulates a total of 80 degrees at the center. This provides the machine with a turning radius of 21 ft 6 inches (655 cm). In addition to articulating left or right, the machine can oscillate up and down at the center bearing allowing it to pivot a total of 8 degrees. This enables the machine to change the angles of approach both at the front and rear of the machine. By doing this, the machine can tram up and down slopes and over undulations that would otherwise ground the machine. To help keep the machine moving in soft ground, power is applied at all four wheels. The RB220 has dual drilling booms that can follow a four bolt pattern without having to move the chassis. Both operators are protected by canopies at the drills stations and an automatic temporary roof support system."

Product Details


Operating Height 813.0 mm
Boom Dual
Frame Articulated


Types Two parts manuals
Types One LinkOne CD which includes all above manuals in electronic format
Types Two operation/maintenance manuals/troubleshooting guides


Boom Feed Cylinder Two (2) 6.5 in bore, double acting cylinder on each boom with in line check valve, one per drilling assembly.
Boom Swing Cylinder Two (2) 3.5 in bore, double acting cylinders, one per drilling assembly.
Hydraulic Hose All main systems hoses are two wire braid rated at 9,000 psi burst pressure; MSHA 2G flame resistant approved; all fittings JIC
Pump Four stage gear pump rated at 35/35/15/15 gpm at 1,770 rpm with spline fit to pump motor.
Reservoir 150 gal capacity reservoir with 7 micron return filtration, filter by-pass and “in tank” strainer.
Stab Foot Cylinder Two (2) 4 in bore, double acting cylinders, one per drilling assembly.
Steering Cylinder Two (2) 4 in bore, double acting cylinders.
Sumping Cylinder Four (4) 1.5 in bore, double acting cylinders two per drilling assembly.
Valve Banks One (1) ATRS and vertical articulation valve bank
Valve Banks One (1) inch tram valve bank at rear of operator's side drilling assembly
Valve Banks One (1) steering valve bank controlled by means of a joy stick valve
Valve Banks One (1) cable reel and vertical articulation valve bank
Valve Banks All valve banks are spring returned, bi-directional with main relief set at 2,000 psi.
Valve Banks All other pressures are set for each function accordingly.
Valve Banks Two (2) boom function valve banks, one per drilling assembly
Valve Banks One (1) tram valve bank controlled by means of a joystick valve in operator's compartment


Type Low profile with bends utilized where applicable to reduce the number of indeterminate stresses introduced by welding.

Dimensions (approximate)

ATRS reach – with 28x12-15 tires 2438.0 mm
ATRS reach – with 32x12.5-15 tires 2438.0 mm
ATRS reach – with 35x15-15 tires 2438.0 mm
Bolt tightening torque (adjustable) 258.0 N·m
Chassis height – with 28x12-15 tires 686.0 mm
Chassis height – with 32x12.5-15 tires 737.0 mm
Chassis height – with 35x15-15 tires 775.0 mm
Chassis overall width 2756.0 mm
Drill boom feed 1321.0 mm
Drilling feed thrust (maximum) 4536.0 kg
Drilling torque (variable) 420.0 N·m
Ground clearance – with 28x12-15 tires 152.0 mm
Ground clearance – with 32x12.5-15 tires 203.0 mm
Ground clearance – with 35x15-15 tires 241.0 mm
Inside turn radius 2896.0 mm
Maximum boom separation 4928.0 mm
Minimum boom separation 1067.0 mm
Minimum tramming height – with 28x12-15 tires 813.0 mm
Minimum tramming height – with 32x12.5-15 tires 965.0 mm
Minimum tramming height – with 35x15-15 tires 1003.0 mm
Outside turn radius 6553.0 mm
Overall length with ATRS 7671.0 mm
Steering articulation 80° total
Tram speed – fast 0-40 m/min (0-130 ft/min)
Tram speed – slow 0-20 m/min (0-65 ft/min)
Wheelbase 2007.0 mm

Drive Train

Type Four wheel planetary drive; each drive consists of a Fairfield W3B torque hub along with a Char-Lynn series 2000 hydraulic motor


Kits Seven (7) oil sampling kits

Automatic Parking Brake

Type Two spring applied, hydraulic released, fail safe brakes at front of machine.

Operator’s Drill Station Area

Components Hydraulically operated drill boom and stab foot functions
Components ATRS function control and all other positioning function control
Components Vertical articulation function control
Components Storage tool tray on each boom for drill steel, starter steel, drill bits and etc.
Components Inch tram function control (left hand drilling assembly only)
Components 1 in thick, hydraulically adjustable drill station canopy on each drilling assembly

Tram Station Area

Components 1 in thick manually adjustable canopy
Components Heavy duty seat
Components Full tram function control
Components Power fill function control
Components Vertical articulation function control
Components Cable reel function control
Components Four pressure gauges
Components Steering function control

Reservoir Fill System

Type Power hydraulic fill, allows hydraulic oil to be added to reservoir without hand pumping.


Start Push buttons at tram and drill stations.
Stop Tape switch (panic strip) at tram and drill stations that de-energize electrical system and applies automatic brake.


Type Size 4 vacuum contactors, 1.5 KVA transformer and 150 amp circuit breaker.
  • Voltage/Blower Option
    •  440 Volt AC, Roots Whispair Blower - electrical system with pump motor rated at 80 hp; blowers rated at flows to 81 CFM at 20" Hg. Each vacuum blower is directly belt driven from the electric motor by means of sheaves and “v” belts.
  • Lighting Option
    •  MCI Fluorescent Lighting, High - area lighting with one headlight on front and rear for high seam applications up to 10 ft.
  • Cable Reel Option
    •  19 in diameter for #2/3C Round Cable - 210 ft capacity horizontal type reel for recommended #2/3C, GGC round trailing cable. Unit is supplied with 20 ft of recommended cable.
  • 19 in diameter for #2/3C Round Cable - 210 ft capacity horizontal type reel for recommended #2/3C, GGC round trailing cable. Unit is supplied with 20 ft of recommended cable.
    • Tram Canopy Option
      •  Tram Canopy, 2 ft 8 in minimum height - manually adjustable tram canopy with a minimum height of 2 ft 10 in and a maximum height of 3 ft 10 in at 8.5 in ground clearance.
    • Drill Chuck Option
      •  Dry/Deep Splined Chuck - chuck protrudes above drill head by 1/8 in with no need for drill chuck retention.
    • ATRS Option
      •  10 ft Reach, 10 Wide Crossbeam - T-Bar with 10 ft wide crossbeam including rockers arms one primary ATRS cylinder; one secondary cylinder.
    • Tire/Wheel Option
      •  Four 32x12.5-15, 32 in Foam Filled Tires - 20 ply, 32 in maximum form diameter foam filled tires mounted on rim assemblies.
    • Drill Speed Option
      •  650 RPM Maximum Drill Speed - generated by means of a 1.25" gear width hydraulic motor.
    • Controller Cover/Oil Level Switch Option
      •  Oil Level Switch, Light & Low Oil Shutdown - above cover assembly with the addition of a low oil level switch that will electrically shut machine down before oil is dangerously low.
    • Oil Filter Brand Option
      •  Schroeder “Spin-On” Oil Filter - 7 micron return side filter. The filter is equipped with by-pass and external dirty filter indication.
    • Blower Exhaust Location Option
      •  Left Side, Operator’s Side - at rear of machine.
    • Left Side, Operator’s Side - at rear of machine.
      • Roof Bolter Accessories
        •  Pre-Duster Installation - remote tank with a 0.4 cu. ft. capacity that removes larger dust particles automatically, when stab cylinder is activated.
        •  Grease Zone Lubrication Installation
        •  Torque Gauge Installation - monitor the amount of torque being applied to the roof bolts during installation (one gauge for each drilling assembly).
      Catepillar Equipments