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Cat® Telehandlers are designed to meet the varying needs of the construction and agricultural industries. The comprehensive range of standard features and optional equipment extends the scope for wider application use throughout the world.

TH255C Telehandler

Product Details

Operating Specifications

Rated Load Capacity 2500.0 kg
Maximum Lift Height 5600.0 mm
Maximum Forward Reach 3300.0 mm
Capacity at Maximum Height 1360.0 kg
Capacity at Maximum Reach 780.0 kg
Top Travel Speed – 12 × 16.5 Tires 24.0 km/h
Top Travel Speed – 14 × 17.5 Tires 27.0 km/h
Turning Radius over Tires – 12 × 16.5 Tires 3200.0 mm
Turning Radius over Tires – 14 × 17.5 Tires 3100.0 mm


Engine Model TD 2.9L L4*
Gross Power 55.0 kW
Displacement 2.9 L
Maximum Torque @ 1,800 rpm 260.0 N·m
Note *Meets EEC Stage IIIA and EPA Tier 3 Emission Standards.


Operating Weight with Carriage and Forks 5010.0 kg


Standard 12.00 × 16.5
Optional 14.00 × 17.5; 10.5 × 18.0

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 91.0 L
Hydraulic System 91.0 L

Boom Performance

Boom Up 6.6 Seconds
Boom Down 8.2 Seconds
Tele In 3.5 Seconds
Tele Out 6.7 Seconds
Bucket Crowd 1.8 Seconds
Bucket Dump 2.3 Seconds
Drawbar Pull (Loaded) 39.6 kN


Parking Brakes Wet disc spring-applied hydraulic release
Service Brakes Inboard wet disc brakes on front axle


Types Planetary on front and rear axles.

Hydraulic System – Implement

Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit Used for all attachments equipped with cylinders or other hydraulic components. Consists of valves, controls & hydraulic lines.
Maximum Pump Flow 72.3 L/min
Maximum System Pressure 241.0 bar
Pump Type Gear pump


Types Reverse motion alarm.


Forward Variable Speed
Reverse Variable Speed
Transmission Hydrostatic
Catepillar Equipments


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