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Rotary Drills(Non Current)

Cat® rotary drills are available in six models, with a maximum bit load range of up to 75 000 kg (165,347 lb), to suit a wide variety of applications. They're proven to deliver efficiency, high productivity and low cost, as well as provide a comfortable environment for the operator. Cat® track drills are designed for optimum performance and serviceability, while maintaining the ruggedness and reliability our customers have come to expect. Fast cycle times and a low operating cost are achieved through our proven designs that offer enhanced maneuverability, better pattern coverage, and faster set-ups.

MD6540 Electric Rotary Drill

Product Details


Bit Load up to 54 000 kg (up to 119,050 lb)
Hole Diameter 229 – 381 mm (9.0 – 15 in)
Working Weight 131000.0 kg

Machine Service & Support

Caterpillar factory-trained service engineers are available throughout the world to provide our customers with the support necessary for meeting their production requirements.

Our service engineers have the knowledge and experience to bring a successful result to the most demanding projects. In addition, they are backed by Caterpillar’s team of engineers, who have design-based knowledge not available from other sources.

Customized Training

Caterpillar provides customized on-site and/or classroom training for rotary drill operators and mine operation supervisors with the goal of developing internal training competency for the customer. The comprehensive training package is designed in module form to target key production issues specific to a given customer’s operation.

Cat product trainers have years of experience with hands-on and classroom training, offering the necessary skills to implement changes on all aspects of operation, machine management and maintenance. In addition, Caterpillar utilizes cutting-edge technologies to improve knowledge retention, increase training efficiency and create a safer learning environment via machine simulation. Around the world, Caterpillar provides total training solutions and support.


Our goal is to provide a safe workplace while producing products that exceed the needs of our customers and shareholders. As a responsible corporate citizen, we commit to the safe manufacture, installation and operation of our products.

We will accomplish this goal through coordinated efforts and accountability at all levels of our organization. Cat rotary drills improve the safety of mine operations in many ways, such as reducing opportunity for injury during pipe change out via the hydraulically operated break-out wrench and providing a safe, environmentally controlled operator cabin.
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