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Waste Handling Dozers

From large to small, mining to finishing work, you are certain to find a Cat® Dozer to match your needs. We offer several configurations and special custom packages to meet your specific needs.

D8R Track-Type Tractor Waste Handler

Caterpillar has been the world leader in Track-Type Tractors for more than a century. The D8R delivers legendary Cat durability and reliability with proven technology designed to improve your productivity and your bottom line. From a rugged structure to fully integrated engine and power train systems, the D8R is a world-class tractor built to help you produce the highest quality work in demanding conditions seen in land-fill operations globally.

Product Details


Engine Model Cat® 3406C DI TA
Flywheel Power 228.0 kW
Net Power – ISO 9249 228.0 kW


Operating Weight 37630.0 kg

Landfill Blades – D8R LGP

Semi-Universal – Capacities with Trash Rack 21.1 m3
Semi-Universal – Width 4400.0 mm

Engine – D8R LGP

Displacement 14.6 L
Engine Model Cat® 3406C DI TA
Flywheel Power (1) 228.0 kW
No. of Cylinders 6 In-line

Track – D8R

Length of Track on Ground 3206.0 mm
Track Gauge 2082.0 mm
Width of Standard Track Shoe 710.0 mm

Engine – D8R

Displacement 14.6 L
Engine Model Cat® 3406C DI TA
Flywheel Power (1) 228.0 kW
No. of Cylinders 6 In-line

Operating Specifications – D8R LGP

Ground Clearance 519.0 mm
Height – Top of ROPS (2) 3498.0 mm
Length – with Blade 6281.0 mm
Length – without Blade 4554.0 mm
Operating Weight 37960.0 kg
Width – Over Trunnions 3396.0 mm

Weights – D8R LGP

Operating Weight 37960.0 kg

Operating Specifications – D8R

Ground Clearance 528.0 mm
Height – Top of ROPS (2) 3498.0 mm
Length – with Blade 6438.0 mm
Length – without Blade 4554.0 mm
Operating Weight 37630.0 kg
Width – Over Trunnions 3050.0 mm

Track – D8R LGP

Length of Track on Ground 3206.0 mm
Track Gauge 2337.0 mm
Width of Standard Track Shoe 710.0 mm

Landfill Blades – D8R

Semi-Universal – Capacities with Trash Rack 20.0 m3
Semi-Universal – Width 3937.0 mm

Waste Handling Guards

Protecting critical machine components, maximizing productivity, safety

Radiator Guard

The heavy-duty hinged radiator guard protects the cooling system.

Crankcase (belly) Guards

The crankcase (belly) guards serve a dual purpose. They help prevent contact damage to vital power train components, and help keep debris out of the power train compartments.

Tilt Cylinder Lines Guards

The tilt cylinder lines guards help protect hydraulic lines from contact damage, while maintaining hose flexibility.

Pivot Shaft Seal Guards

The pivot shaft seal guards help prevent debris from entering and damaging the Duo-Cone™ seals as well as protecting the bolts on the pivot shaft seal retainers.

Final Drive Seal Guards

The final drive seal guards help prevent wire, nylon strapping, etc., from wrapping around and damaging the Duo-Cone seals. The outer guard is now stationary, thicker, and has increased hardness, all of which help prevent excessive wear from debris. This design offers superior protection to the seal. Debris would have to make four 90° turns, penetrate the packing material, and then make two additional 90° turns.

Idler Seal Guards

The idler seal guards help keep wire, fishing line, strapping, etc., from wrapping around and damaging the Duo-Cone seals.

Chassis Guards

The chassis guards help protect the engine compartment by deflecting debris from rising upward along the chassis.

Debris Resistant Features

Enhancing productivity and preventing damage

High-Capacity Alternator

The high-capacity alternator provides additional power required for electrical accessories such as supplemental lights and communications and entertainment radios. Ducting is provided that helps prevent debris from entering into the alternator.

Cat® Turbine Air Precleaner

The Cat turbine provides improved engine air filtration by using the OPTIMAX dual-stage precleaner powered by the engine’s intake and exhaust airflows. Intake air is spun by a flow driven impeller. Debris stratifies along the outer wall and is ejected back into the environment. Remaining contaminates are collected and removed by a secondary scavenger system, allowing only precleaned air to continue to the engine’s air filter.

Heavy-Duty Steps and Handles

The heavy-duty steps and handles are manufactured from plate steel and solid rod to withstand the rigors of landfill operation.

Rear Striker Bars

The rear striker bars incorporate a rigid drawbar and housing with large access doors for storage on machines not equipped with rippers. The rear striker bars are counterweight ready in case additional rear weight is needed.

Front Striker Bars

The front striker bars’ angled design prevents debris from riding up the track and damaging the fenders or fuel and hydraulic tanks.

Clamshell Guards

The clamshell guard provides a non-rotating guard installed over the final drives to help prevent wire wrap. The guard includes inspection plates.

Ejector Fan

The ejector fan has curled training edges that radially deflect debris from the radiator cores to reduce instance of plugging radiator cores.

Cat Landfill Blades

The Cat Landfill blades increase the dozing capacity in trash and help prevent material spilling over the blade from entering the radiator.

Laminated Thermal Shields

The laminated thermal shields cover the exhaust stack inside the compartment, hot-side of the turbocharger, and the exhaust manifold. These shields reduce surface temperatures well below the flash point of most common combustibles encountered. The Cat Waste Handlers feature water-cooled turbochargers to further aid in lowering surface temperatures.

ROPS-mounted Air Conditioner Condenser and Fans

The ROPS mounted air conditioner and fans are relocated from the engine compartment to the ROPS. • Moving the condenser and fans away from the radiator reduces the concentration of debris and plugging. This relocation also increases the cooling capacity of the machine for operation in higher temperatures. Note: The ROPS-mounted position on the D8R raises the height of the machine an additional 30.5 cm (12 in).

Hydraulic and Fuel Tank Guard

The hydraulic and fuel guard helps protect implement hydraulic oil tank, battery box and fuel tank.

Trash Resistant Radiator

The Cat Waste Handling Track-type Tractors feature trash resistant radiators that have increased spacing between core fins to prevent debris plugging of the radiator.

Technology Solutions

Technology to reduce costs and improve productivity

Computer Aided Earthmoving System (CAES)

The Computer Aided Earthmoving System (CAES) is a high-technology landfill tool that allows maximum compaction, attain tighter grades/slopes, and conserve valuable cover soil without stakes and crews, which improves safety on site. By monitoring compaction progress and grade control, operators have information they need to maximize the efficiency of the machine, resulting in proper drainage and optimum air space. This advanced technology tool also aids in the identification of site-specific storage areas for materials requiring specialized handling and placement records, such as hazardous, medial, sludge and industrial materials. Using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology, machine mounted components, a high speed radio network and office management software, this system delivers information on an in-cab display to help improve productivity and efficiency on site. Note: Contact your Cat dealer for further information on CAES in landfills and authorization/licensing compatibility in your area.


Stay up and running

Cat machines are designed with serviceability in mind. Modular components, easy access to regular service points and features that enable quicker diagnostics all add up to less maintenance time and more time on the job.

Ecology Drain

The ecology drains provide an environmentally safer method to drain fluids. They are a recommended item that are included on the radiator, hydraulic tank and major power train components.

Grouped Service Points

Grouped service points and easy access to service areas make routine inspections fast and convenient.

Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·SSM) Analysis

Monitor machine health and identify key maintenance needs before they lead to downtime through Cat Scheduled Oil Sampling. Cat machines feature live sampling ports for the engine oil, power train hydraulics and coolant. Cat oil sampling offers accurate analysis using tests designed by Caterpillar for Cat products, as well as knowledgeable interpretation of the results.

Built to be Rebuilt

Major components on Cat Track-Type Tractors are built to be rebuilt, extending the useful life of the machine. Machine and component rebuilds save money, and offer a sustainability element by saving raw materials and natural resources. See your Cat dealer to learn more about rebuild options.

Total Customer Support

Renowned dealer support

Only Cat machines come with the industry’s best sales and service support - the Cat dealer network. From helping you choose the right machine to ongoing support, your Cat dealer provides the best in sales and service. Manage your costs with preventive maintenance programs like Custom Track Service, Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·SSM) analysis, and guaranteed maintenance contracts. Stay productive with best-in-class parts availability. Your Cat dealer can even help with operator training to help you boost your profits. And when it’s time for replacement, your Cat dealer can help you save even more with Genuine Cat Remanufactured parts. Remanufactured power train and hydraulic components cost less, but come with the same warranty and reliability as new products. Talk with your Cat dealer to learn more about reducing waste and saving money through Cat Remanufacturing.
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