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Screeds(Non Current)

Caterpillar offers a broad range of Cat® asphalt pavers that compete in the rubber tire, steel track and rubber belted markets. High horsepower and excellent mobility help operators place the mat where they want it. All models are equipped with independent feeder systems designed to reduce segregation and handwork. The ventilation system draws fumes away from the conveyor tunnel as well as the auger chamber and redirects them away from the operator for a more comfortable working environment. Electronic self-diagnostics on the propel and feeder systems maximize maintenance efficiency and reduce machine downtime. Cat screeds feature hydraulic variable-width adjustment and electrically heated screed plates. They are available in rear-extender and front-extender models.

AS2301 Screed

The AS2301 is a production-sized screed. It is a hydraulically extendible screed that features front-mounted extenders. The AS2301 is well suited to all geographic areas. It is ideal for both new construction and overlay work. Common applications include industrial sites, large parking lots, urban and rural roads, subdivision streets, highways, interstates, airports and projects that require variable-width paving.

  • Specification Summary

  • Maximum Paving Width7.32 m
  • Standard Paving Width3.05 m
  • Minimum Paving Width2.44 m

Product Details

Operating Specifications

Maximum Paving Width 7.32 m
Minimum Paving Width 2.44 m
Standard Paving Width 3.05 m

Screed Plates

Screed plates deliver a high-quality mat and a long service life.

Resistant Alloy Steel

Screed plates are constructed of abrasion resistant alloy steel that resists damage and provides an enhanced service life. Quick screed replacement reduces maintenance downtime.

Precompaction And Material Flow

Curved nose bar design provides precompaction and enhances material flow under the screed.

Curved Nose Bar

Curved nose bar is incorporated in the screed plate design.

Heavy-Duty Mounting Platform

Heavy-duty mounting platforms provide rigid support for screed plates, which simplifies leveling.

Screed Plate Leveling

Saves time with the trailing edge screed plate leveling system.

Screed Plate Leveling Has Many Advantages

Screed plate leveling is quick, convenient and eliminates shims with the trailing edge adjusting system.

Trailing Edge Adjusting System

The trailing edge adjusting system saves time when installing new screed plates or when adjusting existing plates.

Plated Hardware

The trailing edge adjusting system includes plated hardware to provide extra corrosion resistance.

End Gates

Easy-to-adjust end gates ensure a good joint with the adjacent mat.

Spring-Loaded End Gates

Spring-loaded end gates create a downward force that causes the gates to follow the profile of the surface being paved, assuring a good joint with the adjacent mat.

False-Wall Design

False-wall design reduces mix contact with the sliding portion of the gate, providing easy gate adjustments.

Bolt-On Design

Bolt-on design allows easy end gate installation and removal.

Replaceable Wear Strip

Replaceable wear strip enhances end gate service life.

Full-Length End Gate

Full-length end gate contains material, providing an optimal longitudinal joint.

Patented Pre-Strikeoff Shields

A pair of pre-strikeoff shields are positioned at the front of the screed, making first contact with the mix after it passes through the augers.

Smooth Mat Texture And Prevents Segregation

Pre-strikeoff shields allow the proper amount of material to enter the area in front of the main screed, which leads to a smooth mat texture and helps prevent segregation.

Adjustment Handles

Two adjustment handles allow the shield height to be fine tuned, depending on the mix or operating conditions.

Automatic Adjustment

When the thickness screws are used to adjust mat depth, the pre-strikeoff shields follow the leading edge of the main screed, providing automatic adjustment.

Diesel Screed Plate Heating System

Highly efficient burner system provides fast, even screed plate heating.

Four Diesel Fuel Burners

Four diesel fuel burners, two on the main screed and one on each extender, provide fast screed plate heating.

Even Heat Distribution

Burners on main screed and extenders are mounted on a replaceable, baffled combustion chamber with flame deflectors that direct heat to screed plates, providing even heat distribution.

Full-Length Insulation

Full-length insulation over the combustion chamber enhances heating efficiency and minimizes heat transfer to the screed frame.

Glow Plug Ignition

Glow plug ignition is actuated from the main screed control boxes.

Built-In Timer

A built-in timer allows 15 minutes of screed plate heating, preventing overheating of the plates.

Electric Screed Plate Heating System

Highly efficient electric heating system provides warm-up time in 30 minutes or less.

Heating Elements

Heating elements provide a warm-up time to 122° C (220° F) in 30 minutes or less when ambient temperatures are 22° C (40° F) and above.

Even Heat Distribution

Multi-zone heating element configuration provides even heat distribution.

Screed Control Panel

Screed control panel includes three temperature settings that are able to accommodate normal hot mix asphalt (HMA) and extended temperature based mixes.

Regulated Screed Plate Temperature

Controller automatically regulates screed plate temperature to the selected setting.

Minimal Operator Training

On-board diagnostics and screed control panel require minimal operator training.

Generator System (Tractor Option)

Continuous-duty integrated design ensures peak performance and high reliability.

Industrial, Single-Phase Generator

Industrial, single-phase generator operates at 1800 rpm, includes GFCI breaker protection and provides low sound levels.

Single Control Switch

Single control switch located on the tractor’s operating console activates the generator.

Full Power

Full power is provided to the electric screed and the optional auxiliary power panel while the engine is operating at idle speed.

Dual Bearings

Dual bearings with seals extend service life and internal electronic voltage regulation provides consistent power.

Auxiliary Power Panel (Tractor Option)

The auxiliary power panel provides efficient power for night-time lighting and other job-site power needs.

Auxiliary Power Panel

Optional auxiliary power panel provides 8 kW of power and includes four 120-volt and two 240-volt receptacles.

Ground Fault Circuit Interruption

The 20-amp receptacles are circuit breaker protected with ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI).

Auxiliary Power Panel Door

Auxiliary power panel door can remain closed while power cords are attached to the receptacles providing protection.


The AS2301 Screed is easy and fast to service.

Easy Service And Maintenance

This screed has been designed for easy service and maintenance with special emphasis given to component access.

Hydraulic Hoses And Electrical Wiring

Hydraulic hoses and electrical wiring harnesses are cleanly routed and clamped to reduce wear and provide easy service.

Diesel Fuel Burner Lines

Diesel fuel burner lines are equipped with a quick-disconnect coupling that simplifies switching from the screed plate heating system to the wash-down system.

Remote-Mounted Fittings

Remote-mounted fittings for vibrator bearings provide simplified lubrication access.

Hydraulic Leaks

O-Ring face seal fittings and couplings provide maximum protection against hydraulic leaks.

Nylon Sleeve Protection

Exposed hoses have nylon sleeve protection to reduce abrasion.

Vibrator System Hydraulic Lines

Vibrator system hydraulic lines are constructed of steel tubing, providing durability and resistance to damage.

High-Quality Components

Integrity of the electrical system is ensured with the use of high-quality components.

Electrical Standards

The Caterpillar electrical standards, developed to enhance reliability and durability, feature soldered, molded, numbered and color-coded wires. Nylon-braided wrap protects the electrical wires.

Electrical Schematics

Electrical schematics detailing wire numbers, wire colors and component part numbers are located in the service manual.
  • Screed Plate Heating
    • Screed Plates
      • Extender Configuration
        • Extender Height
          • Extender Slope
            • Vibrator System
              • Pre-Strikeoff Shields
                • End Gates
                  • Walkways
                    • Thickness Screws
                      • Screed Crown
                        • Screeds Controls
                          • Electrical System
                            • Hydraulic System
                              • Generator (Tractor Option)
                                • Auxiliary Power Panel (Tractor Option)
                                  • Electric Screed Heat
                                    • Power Height
                                      • Power Crown
                                        • Cutoff Shoe Package
                                          • Thickness Control Screw Configurations
                                            • Screed Extensions
                                              • Paving Packages

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