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Wheel Asphalt Pavers(Non Current)

Caterpillar offers a broad range of Cat® asphalt pavers that compete in the rubber tire, steel track and rubber belted markets. High horsepower and excellent mobility help operators place the mat where they want it. All models are equipped with independent feeder systems designed to reduce segregation and handwork. The ventilation system draws fumes away from the conveyor tunnel as well as the auger chamber and redirects them away from the operator for a more comfortable working environment. Electronic self-diagnostics on the propel and feeder systems maximize maintenance efficiency and reduce machine downtime. Cat screeds feature hydraulic variable-width adjustment and electrically heated screed plates. They are available in rear-extender and front-extender models.

AP-1000D Asphalt Paver

Based upon the industry-proven reputation of the Caterpillar® AP-1000B Asphalt Pavers, the AP-1000D establishes new standards for productivity and reliability in the asphalt paver industry.

Product Details


Operating Weight 17851.0 kg
Tractor Weight 14728.0 kg

Operating Specifications

Maximum Speed 91.0 m/min
Maximum Capacity 6.1 m3
Paving Width Minimum 2440.0 mm
Paving Width Maximum 7370.0 mm
Paving Width 3048.0 mm


Gross Power 167.0 kW
Flywheel Power 166.0 kW
Net Power (EEC 80/1269) 166.0 kW
Bore 110.0 mm
Stroke 127.0 mm
Displacement 7.24 L
Engine Model Caterpillar C7 with ACERT Technology


Wheelbase 2560.0 mm
Length on Ground 7240.0 mm

Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank Capacity 446.0 L

Drive System

Maximum Travel Speed 22.0 km/h
Maximum Paving Speed 91.0 m/min


Truck Entry Width 3220.0 mm

Cat C7 Engine with ACERT™ Technology

ACERT Technology incorporates a series of innovations working at the point of combustion to optimize engine performance while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 3 engine emission regulations.

Cat C7 Engine with ACERT Technology

The C7 engine provides a full-rated gross power (SAE J1995) of 167 kW (224 hp) at 2200 rpm with a torque of 872 N-m. The combination of large displacement and high torque allow the AP-1000D to perform under the toughest conditions.

HEUI Fuel Injection

The HEUI™ fuel system is unique and combines the technical advancement of an electronic control system with the simplicity of HEUI fuel injection. The HEUI fuel system excels in its ability to control injection pressure over the entire engine operating speed range. These features allow the C7 engine to have complete control over injection timing, duration and pressure.

Multiple Injection Fuel Delivery

Multiple injection fuel delivery involves a high degree of precision. Precisely shaping the combustion cycle lowers combustion chamber temperatures, which generates fewer emissions, optimizes fuel combustion and translates into more work output for your fuel cost.

High Cylinder Pressures

High cylinder pressures combined with tightly controlled tolerances promote extremely efficient fuel burn, less blow-by and lower emissions.

C7 Cylinder Block

The C7 engine’s cylinder block offers increased tensile strength. It features improved sealing with gaskets to ensure fewer leaks. This new design supports the engine’s higher compression ratios and increases its power density. The incorporation of straight-thread “O” ring connection points reduce the loss of engine oil and fluids.

Sound Reduction Features

The C7 engine sound reduction features include composite valve covers with a fully isolated base, a steel oil pan and a cast iron front cover. The HEUI™ fuel systems rate-shaping technology also provides control of sound and vibration levels.

Service, Maintenance and Repair

Easier service, maintenance and repair is accomplished by monitoring key functions and logging critical indicators. Advanced electronic diagnostic capabilities are possible using CAT Electronic Technician.

Turbocharged and Air-To-Air Aftercooling (ATAAC)

The turbocharged air-to-air aftercooling system provides high horsepower with increased response time while keeping exhaust temperatures low for long hours of continuous operation. Air-to-air aftercooling keeps air intake temperatures down, maximizing fuel efficiency and minimizing emissions.

ADEM™ A4 Electronic Control Module

The ADEM A4 electronic control module manages fuel delivery, valve timing and airflow to get the most performance per liter (gallon) of fuel used. The control module provides flexible fuel mapping, allowing the engine to respond quickly to varying application needs. The control module also monitors engine and machine conditions while keeping the engine at peak efficiency.

Dual Operator Stations

The dual operator stations provide complete control and good visibility from either side of the operating platform.

Dual Operator Stations

The dual operator stations incorporate fully equipped consoles with adjustable suspension seats, armrests and retractable seat belts.

Operator Visibility

The dual operator stations can be positioned in one of four different locations to provide optimum visibility. The stations can extend beyond the machine frame for good visibility when joint matching or while paving other applications where precise control is required.

Operator Consoles

The operator consoles are designed for productivity and accessibility. All gauges and displays are grouped for convenient and simple operation.

Operator Consoles

Each operator’s station includes ground speed indicators, material handling controls, propel controls and screed extender controls. The controls for each station are in the same relative position providing easy control from either console.

Speed Control Dial

A speed control dial located on each operator station allows the operator to set a maximum travel speed which is important for producing a smooth, high-quality mat.

Center Control Console

The center control console includes analog gauges, switches and a digital display for machine functions. The center console also houses a majority of the electrical components including the machine controller.

Machine Controller

The machine controller integrates performance functions and allows the feeder and auger speeds to be set independently which extends component life.

Exclusive Material Delivery System

Productivity and quality enhancements are built-in features.

Mix Delivery

The AP-1000D provides precise mix delivery with minimal operator monitoring through the most advanced material handling system.

Feeders Controlled Independently

Left and right feeders in addition to the left and right augers are controlled independently. The ability to control these four components separately, through a machine controller, eliminates the need for feeder gates.

Mix Delivery Control

In order to control mix delivery, the operator sets a speed rate for each feeder that will maintain the desired mix level in the left and right auger chambers.

Once the feeder speeds are set, the ratio of feeder speed to the maximum auger speed is automatically maintained by the machine controller, even though the propel rate may change as the job progresses.

Ratio Control

This ratio control capability is particularly helpful when paving wider on one side of the machine than on the other. Each feeder can be set at a specified speed to deliver the proper amount of mix that is needed.

Outboard Feeder Drives

Increased live tunnel area provides easy servicing.

Gateless Feeders

Variable speed feeders precisely control mix delivery while reducing wear and segregation.

Gateless Feeders Run Full of Mix

The gateless feeders on the AP-1000D always run full of mix regardless of the speed required to fill the auger chamber. This is typically a slower speed than would be experienced with a paver utilizing feeder gates to control mix delivery rates. By not always having to run at full speed, feeder component wear is significantly reduced.

Changes in Feeder Speed

When changes in feeder speed are required, delivery of mix to the augers is immediate. This is in contrast to pavers with gates, where any delivery rate change is delayed for the length of time it takes to clear the tunnel of mix from the previous gate setting.

Running at Lower Speeds

Running at slower speeds can also help reduce the opportunity for segregation, especially when working with larger stone mixes that have more of a tendency to segregate.

Feeder Design

Tunnel construction improves mix flow.

Auger Assembly

Provides mat consistency while minimizing segregation.

Wheel Undercarriage System

The wheel undercarriage system provides excellent mobility and maneuverability along with a smooth ride for optimum performance.

Excellent Mobility

The sharp turning radius and high speeds allow the paver to move quickly around the job site.

Three Propel Modes

Pave, travel and maneuver modes provide good control and versatility. The new maneuver mode provides less than a 1.5 m (5') turning radius for excellent maneuverability in tight quarters.

Large Drive Tires

The 18.00 x 25 sand-rib drive tires provide good tractive effort and a smooth ride.

Large Steering Tires

The 16" x 22", solid rubber steering tires provide maximum ground contact and smooth operation.

Front Suspension

Four, front solid rubber steering wheels are mounted on pairs of oscillating bogies, providing a smooth ride.

Steering Assist

Steering assist feature improves maneuverability and enhances component life by adjusting the drive speed of one side of the propel system according to the steering angle of the front wheels which allows the machine to turn while maintaining the same speed.

Front Wheel Assist (Optional)

The front wheel assist feature provides power to the rear bogey wheels for additional tractive effort.

Long Wheel Base

The long wheel base provides good tractive effort and stability on soft base materials.

Hydrostatic Drive System

Efficient hydrostatic drive system eliminates chains and other mechanical linkages between the engine and final drive components.

Closed-Loop Hydrostatic Propel System

The closed-loop system automatically compensates for component wear, hydraulic oil temperature and oil viscosity changes to ensure complete, low-effort, operator control.

Propulsion Control

The machine controller provides accurate control of steering and propulsion systems and ensures straight-line tracking.

Dual-Path Steering

The dual-path steering system ensures the speed of each wheel is proportional to the drive output, allowing the machine to turn while maintaining the same speed as determined by the speed control.

Two Speed Planetary Drive

A fixed displacement motor drives a two speed planetary providing quick mobility around the job site.

High Ambient Temperature Cooling System

The standard, high-capacity cooling system provides efficient operation in high ambient temperatures. The new system design also provides quiet operation that benefits the operator and the surrounding environment.


The airflow design draws ambient air across the engine compartment and through the radiator. This new design allows the exhaust air to exit the right side of the machine in order to provide a cooler engine compartment and operator platform.

High Capacity Cooling Package

The high capacity cooling system allows the fan to run slower, reducing power demand while extending component life.

Variable Speed Fan

The variable speed fan is electronically controlled and hydraulically driven providing on-demand cooling, reduced engine power demand and quiet operation.

Generator System (Optional)

The high capacity, integrated generator ensures peak performance and high reliability.

Industrial, Single-Phase Generator

The 24 kW generator is hydraulically driven through a load-sensing, pressure-compensating pump providing quiet operation.

Single Control Switch

A single switch on the tractor’s operating console activates the generator. The generator includes GFCI protection.

Full Power

Full power is provided to the electric screed and auxiliary power panel while the engine is operating at 1200 rpm. A control manifold and internal voltage regulator maintains constant frequency and voltage at both high and low idle.

Auxiliary Power Panel (Optional)

The auxiliary power panel provides efficient power for night-time lighting and other job site power needs.

Optional Auxiliary Power Panel

The power panel provides 8 kW of power and includes four, 120-volt receptacles protected by ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI) and two, 240-volt receptacles.

Power Needs

The auxiliary power panel can be used to supply power for night-time lighting and job site work tools.

Auxiliary Power Panel Door

The panel door can remain closed while power cords are attached to the receptacles providing effective protection.

Electric Heat Screeds

The AS-2301 and Extend-A-Mat™ 10-20B screeds are available with an electric heating system.

Simple Operation

The screed control panel incorporates touch-pad technology with high intensity LED’s that promote simplified use and diagnostic capability with minimal operator training.

Operator-Friendly Environment

The electric screed plate heating system eliminates the use of diesel fuel burners, creating a user-friendly environment.

Proven and Reliable

Whether you are paving interstates, highways, residential streets or commercial sites, the electric screed heat system performs under the toughest conditions.

Fast Warm-Up Time

The electric screed provides a warm-up time in 30 minutes or less to 122° C (220° F) when ambient temperatures are at or above 22° C (40° F).

Multi-Zone Heating Elements

The heating elements are mounted to the screed plates in a multi-zone configuration to provide even heat distribution.

Thermostatically Controlled

The screed plates incorporate thermostatically controlled temperature sensors in each screed section including the extenders. The temperature sensors provide inputs to the screed controller.


Simplified service means more paving and less maintenance time.

Electronic Monitoring System (EMS-III)

EMS-III simplifies calibration of hydraulic and electrical systems and is compatible with CAT Electronic Technician (CAT ET).

Large Access Doors and Panels

Preventative maintenance points can be accessed through the large swing-open access doors and panels.

Remote Lubrication Points

Grease fittings are grouped to provide quick, routine service of bearings.

Quick-Connect Sampling Ports

The quick-connect ports simplify retrieval of critical fluids for diagnosis.

Color-Coded and Numbered Electrical System

Troubleshooting is efficient and simplified with the color-coded and numbered electrical system.
  • Tractor Options
    •  Auger and Mainframe Extensions
    •  Oscillating Push Rollers
    •  Truck Hitch
    •  Generator
    •  Auxiliary Power Panel
    •  Ventilation System
    •  Decelerator Pedals
    •  Sonic Feeder Sensor or Proportional Paddle Sensor
    •  Steering Guide
    •  Warning Beacon
    •  Umbrella
    •  Uptime Kit
    •  Washdown System
    •  Front Wheel Assist
  • Controls and Grade References
    •  Automatic Grade and Slope Control
    •  Non-Contacting Sonic Grade Sensor
    •  Contacting Grade Sensor
    •  Outboard Leveler, 9.15 m (30') and 12.2 m (40')
    •  Inboard Leveler
    •  Mobile Stringline
    •  Fore ‘N Aft Leveler
    •  Sonic Averaging Beam
    •  Rigid Ski, 9.15 m (30') and 12.2 m (40')
  • Screed Choices
    •  Extend-A-Mat™ 10-20B (electric or diesel)
    •  Extend-A-Mat 10-20WB (diesel only)
    •  AS2301 (electric or diesel)
  • Extend-A-Mat™ 10-20B (electric or diesel)
    • Extend-A-Mat 10-20WB (diesel only)
      • AS2301 (electric or diesel)
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