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With their newest line of rotary surface drills, Cat offers high operational output whilst keeping running costs low through a unique design and an extensive list of specifications to help you get the job done faster, better, safer and cheaper.


  • Highly efficient by being extremely maneuverable , quick to set up and having a wide coverage
  • Specially designed ergonomic cabin means your operators can get more done quicker, whilst comfortably operating the surface drill

Our wide range of Cat surface drills can handle the toughest jobs with a maximum bit load range of up to 75,000 kg and a range of operational capabilities that just cannot be matched by any brand in the industry.

All surface drills from Cat are extremely mobile, allowing great movement and drilling capabilities for the operator. What’s more, all surface drills from Cat have been tested within some of the harshest and demanding conditions to ensure durability and job site safety.

So if you are looking for surface drills that can handle whatever is demanded of it then please give us a call today or alternatively fill in out contact form and have a dedicated team member get back at a time that suits you.

Building on the solid legacy of proven designs, today's Cat® Rotary Blasthole Drills offers substantial technology, efficiency and productivity improvements to efficiently reach your targeted productivity rates. Our newest models fully integrate Cat designs, components and technologies, and every model delivers exactly what you expect from a product bearing the Cat brand: durability, precision, productivity, and unmatched parts and service support, anywhere in the world. It’s what lies beneath the paint that counts — that’s where you’ll find everything we stand for.

MD6240 (XML) Bit Load
24 000 kg (52,911 lb)
Hole Diameter
152-244 mm (6-9.625 in)
C27 (Tier 2) – 597 kW (800 hp) at 2,100 rpm
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MD6250 (XML) Bit Load
32 655 kg (71,993 lb)
Hole Diameter
Up to 152-250 mm (Up to 6-9.8 in)
C27 ACERT™ @ 1,800 rpm
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MD6290 (XML) Bit Load
up to 23 733 kg (up to 52,321 lb)
Hole Diameter
152 - 250 mm (6.0 - 9.875 in)
C15 ACERT - 403 kW (540 hp) at 2,100 rpm
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MD6420C (XML) Hole Diameter
Up to 311 mm (Up to 12.25 in)
Torque, dual motors
0-17 313 N∙m (0-12,769 lbf-ft)
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MD6540C (XML) Hole Diameter
229-406 mm (9-16 in)
Cat® 3512C HD
High Speed/Low Torque Rotary Head, dual motors
0-17 219 N·m (0-12,700 lbf)
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MD6640 (XML) Bit Load
up to 64 000 kg (up to 141,096 lb)
Hole Diameter
244 - 406 mm (9.6 - 16 in)
AC Induction Motor - Dual Shaft 522-746 kW (600 hp)
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