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Fire Pump Engines

Oil and gas producers have relied on Caterpillar since the industry's earliest days. For 60 years, we've powered the petroleum business on land. Now we go with it onto the ocean, hundred of miles out, thousands of feet down.

3406C Offshore Production Engine

Cat 3406C Diesel Fire Pump Engine. Ratings: 218-359 bkW (292-482 bhp) @ 1750-2300 rpm are non-certified. Available for global non-regulated areas. FM Approved, UL Listed.

Product Details

Engine Specifications

Minimum Rating 217.0 bkW
Maximum Rating 359.0 bkW
Emissions Non-certified
Bore 137.0 mm
Stroke 165.0 mm
Displacement 14.6 L
Aspiration Turbocharged Aftercooled
Engine Weight, net dry 1487.0 kg
Oil Change Interval 250.0 hr
Rotation (from flywheel end) Counterclockwise
Flywheel and Flywheel Housing SAE No. 1
Flywheel Teeth 113

Capacity for Liquids

Lube Oil System (refill) 34.0 L
Cooling System (engine only) 23.0 L


Length 1883.0 mm
Width 1175.0 mm
Height 1315.0 mm
  • Air Inlet System
    •  Air cleaner. Regular duty, dry, panel type with service indicators, turbocharger, jacket water aftercooled.
  • Control System
    •  Hydra-mechanical governor
  • Cooling System
    •  Thermostats and housing
    •  Jacket water pump, centrifugal
  • Exhaust System
    •  Exhaust manifold, dry
    •  Exhaust elbow, dry, 152 mm (6 in), 4 bolt flange
  • Flywheels and Flywheel Housing
    •  SAE No. 1 flywheel
    •  SAE No. 1 flywheel housing
    •  SAE standard rotation
  • Fuel System
    •  Fuel filter, LH
    •  Fuel transfer pump
    •  Fuel priming pump
  • Instrumentation
    •  Instrument panel, LH
    •  Engine oil pressure gauge
    •  Fuel pressure gauge
    •  Water temperature gauge
    •  Service meter
  • Lube System
    •  Crankcase breather
    •  Oil cooler
    •  Lube oil filter
    •  Oil filler in valve cover and dipstick, both RH
    •  Rear sump oil pan
  • Mounting System
    •  Supports
  • Supports
    • General
      •  Vibration damper
      •  Lifting eyes
      •  Paint: Caterpillar yellow, with optional colors available at request
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