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Offshore Generator Sets

Oil and gas producers have relied on Caterpillar since the industry's earliest days. For 60 years, we've powered the petroleum business on land. Now we go with it onto the ocean, hundred of miles out, thousands of feet down.


Product Details

Engine Specifications

Minimum Rating 5616 ekW
Maximum Rating 5616 ekW
Emissions IMO Tier II
Aspiration Turbocharged-Aftercooled
Bore 460 mm
Displacement 608 l
Engine Control Electronic
Stroke 610 mm
Weight 170001 kg


Height 7281 mm
Length 12800 mm
Width 3382 mm
  • Engine
    •  Motor-driven barring gear, fitted on engine
    •  Reversing contractor and push button switch with cable
    •  Electronic speed setting equipment with actuator and speed pick-up
    •  Emergency shutdown equipment with pushbutton, separate, for manual emergency stop
  • Engine Indicators
    •  Gauge board with set liquid damped pressure gauges for: fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water, starting air, and charge air.
    •  On-engine thermometers for fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water, and charge air
    •  Electric remote speed indicator
    •  Turbocharger and remote speed indicator
    •  Exhaust gas temperature indicator
  • Control
    •  Manual control on engine, including: control panel with start /stop key, speed setting device, mechanical shutdown device, change over of control functions from engine to remote control
    •  Starting solenoid valve on engine, 24 V DC
    •  Separate electronic speed governor
  • Monitoring for Unattended Operation
    •  Pressure switches, mounted on engine, for:
    •  Switches for:
    •  Control Cabinet with housings for wall mount
  • Starting Air System
    •  Separate non-return valve for the starting air pipe to the engine
  • Separate non-return valve for the starting air pipe to the engine
    • Air Intake System
      •  Air intake filter, fitted on the turbocharger
      •  Air bottles, separate


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