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Offshore Generator Sets

Oil and gas producers have relied on Caterpillar since the industry's earliest days. For 60 years, we've powered the petroleum business on land. Now we go with it onto the ocean, hundred of miles out, thousands of feet down.

3512C Offshore Generator Set

Cat 3500 offshore generator sets are specifically designed for drilling and production operations offshore. Decades of experience powering offshore vessels and platforms make have evolved into a product that offers proven performance, low emissions, high durability, and low owning and operating costs.Applications for 3500 offshore generator sets include main power, essential services power, and emergency power on-board drilling and production rigs and vessels.Cat generator sets are backed by the worldwide network of Cat dealers ready to support your operation with technical support, service, parts, and warranty.Cat 3512C offshore generator set. Ratings: 1030-1360 ekW (1470-1700 kVA) @ 60 Hz (1200/1800 rpm). Meets IMO Tier II emission standards.

Product Details

Engine Specifications

Minimum Rating 1030.0 ekW
Maximum Rating 1360.0 ekW
Emissions EPA Tier 2, IMO II
Aspiration Turbocharged-Aftercooled
Fuel System EUI
Engine Control ADEM A3
Oil Change Interval 500.0 hr
Weight 14975.0 kg
Stroke 190.0 mm
Bore 170.0 mm
Displacement 51.8 L


Length 5448.0 mm
Height 2313.0 mm
Width 1825.0 mm

Capacity for Liquids

Cooling System (Engine) 157.0 L
Lube Oil System (Refill) 318.0 L
    •  Corrosion resistant separate circuit aftercooler core, regular dutyair cleaners, dual turbochargers
    •  Caterpillar A-III electronic engine control, Electronic UnitInjection fuel system, rigid wiring harness
    •  Auxiliary fresh water pump, centrifugal non-self-priming auxiliarysea water pump, gear driven centrifugal jacket water pump,expansion tank, engine oil cooler, thermostats and housing
    •  Dry gas-tight exhaust manifolds with heat shields, dualturbochargers with water-cooled bearings and heat shields,vertical exhaust outlet
    •  Flywheel, SAE No. 00, 183 teethFlywheel housing, SAE No. 00
    •  Fuel filter, RH, with service indicators
    •  Fuel transfer pump
    •  Electronically Controlled Unit Injectors
    •  Engine mounted instrument panel with four position switch, overspeed shutdown notification light, emergency stop notificationlight, graphical display unit for analog or digital display of: oil andfuel pressure, oil and fuel filter differential, system DC v
    •  Top mounted crankcase breather, RH oil filter, RH oil filler,gear type oil pump, deep sump oil pan, recommended use ofCaterpillar Diesel Engine Oil 10W30 or 15W40
  • Top mounted crankcase breather, RH oil filter, RH oil filler,gear type oil pump, deep sump oil pan, recommended use ofCaterpillar Diesel Engine Oil 10W30 or 15W40
      •  Industrial type engine mounting rails)
    • Industrial type engine mounting rails)
        •  Accessory driveLower RH, Lower LHFront housing, Two-sided
      • Accessory driveLower RH, Lower LHFront housing, Two-sided
          •  A-III Electronic Monitoring System provides customer programmableengine de-ration strategies to protect against adverse operatingconditions
          •  Emergency stop push button (located in Electronic Instrument Panel)Safety shutoff protection for oil pressure and water temperature, overspeed protection
        • GENERAL
          •  Vibration damper and guardPaint, Caterpillar Yellow engine with black rails.Lifting eyes
        • Vibration damper and guardPaint, Caterpillar Yellow engine with black rails.Lifting eyes
          • AIR INLET SYSTEM
            •  Air Cleaner Removal
            •  Remote Air Inlet Adapters
            •  Battery Chargers
            •  Charging Alternators
          • CONTROL SYSTEM
            •  Load Sharing module
            •  Local speed throttle control
          • Load Sharing module
            • Local speed throttle control
              • COOLING SYSTEM
                •  Water level switch gauge
                •  Coolant level sensors
                •  Connections
                •  Keel Cooling Conversions
                •  Radiator cooling conversion
                •  Heat exchangers
                •  Auxiliary water pumps
                •  Sea water pump removal
                •  Air separator
              • Water level switch gauge
                • Coolant level sensors
                  • Connections
                    • Keel Cooling Conversions
                      • Radiator cooling conversion
                        • Heat exchangers
                          • Auxiliary water pumps
                            • Sea water pump removal
                              • Air separator
                                • EXHAUST SYSTEM
                                  •  Exhaust outlet
                                  •  Flexible fittings
                                  •  Elbows
                                  •  Flanges
                                  •  Flange and exhaust expanders
                                  •  Mufflers
                                • FUEL SYSTEM
                                  •  Fuel Cooler
                                  •  Fuel priming pumps
                                  •  Flexible fuel lines
                                  •  Rigid Fuel Lines
                                  •  Primary fuel filter
                                  •  Fuel level switch
                                • Fuel Cooler
                                  • Fuel priming pumps
                                    • Flexible fuel lines
                                      • Rigid Fuel Lines
                                        • Primary fuel filter
                                          • Fuel level switch
                                            • GENERATORS AND GENERATOR ATTACHMENTS
                                              •  INSTALLED GENERATOR ARRANGEMENTS F/MAR AUX ENGINES
                                              •  INSTALLED GENERATOR ARRANGEMENTS F/MAR AUX ENGINES
                                            • INSTRUMENTATION
                                              •  PL1000T Communication Module
                                              •  PL1000E Communication Module
                                              •  Customer Interface Box
                                              •  Thermocouples
                                              •  Remote panel display
                                              •  Remote cylinder temperature display
                                            • LUBE SYSTEM
                                              •  Oil Pan
                                              •  Oil pan accessories
                                              •  Sump pumps
                                              •  Prelubrication Options
                                              •  Lubricating oil
                                              •  Centrifugal Oil Filter
                                            • MOUNTING SYSTEM
                                              •  Vibration isolators
                                              •  Rails
                                            • POWER TAKE-OFFS
                                              •  Flywheel guard
                                              •  Flexible coupling
                                              •  Coupling hub
                                              •  Front housing accessories
                                              •  Upper left hand front location
                                              •  Upper left hand rear location
                                              •  Upper right hand front location:
                                              •  Upper right hand rear location
                                              •  Lower left hand front location
                                              •  Front housing accessory drives
                                              •  Front power take-offsFront power take-offs
                                              •  Crankshaft pulleys
                                              •  Damper guard removals
                                            • PROTECTION SYSTEM
                                              •  Air inlet shutoffs
                                              •  Switches and contactors
                                              •  Explosion relief valve
                                              •  Sensors
                                            • Air inlet shutoffs
                                              • Switches and contactors
                                                • Explosion relief valve
                                                  • Sensors
                                                    • SPARE PART KITS
                                                      •  Engine Parts Kits
                                                    • SPECIAL APPEARANCE
                                                      • STARTING SYSTEM
                                                        •  Starting motors or barring divice
                                                        •  Air starting motors options
                                                        •  Starting aids
                                                        •  Battery sets - 24 volt - Dry
                                                        •  Battery rack
                                                      • GENERAL
                                                        •  Tool set
                                                        •  Caterpillar datalink wire
                                                      • SVCE TOOLS/SHIP PROT/FACTORY SUPPORT
                                                        •  Commissioning
                                                      • Commissioning
                                                        Catepillar Equipments