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Industrial Diesel Engines - Lesser Regulated & Non-Regulated

Cat® industrial engines are ready for your application. These engines deliver the unsurpassed reliability, durability, fuel efficiency, and low cost of ownership you have come to expect from Caterpillar. And our world-class product support will never let you down. All this adds up to a powerful advantage for you. Every Cat industrial diesel and gas engine comes with 75 years of engine experience. Our world-class product line of high-speed and medium-speed industrial engines in a wide range of applications offer power solutions for the most demanding installations and the harshest environments. With power options from 8.2 to 6,100 bkW (11 to 8,180 bhp), Cat industrial diesel and gas engines offer the widest power range in the industry.

Cat® 3612 Industrial Diesel Engine

The Cat® 3612 Industrial Diesel Engine is offered in ratings ranging from 2980-3700 bkW (3996-4962 bhp) @ 750-1000 rpm. These ratings are non-certified and available for global non-regulated areas. Industries powered by 3616 engines include Construction, Forestry, General Industrial, Material Handling and Mining.

Product Details

Power Rating

Minimum Power 2980 bkW
Maximum Power 3700 bkW
Rated Speed 750-1000 rpm

Emission Standards

Emissions Non-certified


Engine Configuration V-12, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel
Bore 280 mm (11 in)
Stroke 300 mm (11.8 in)
Aspiration Turbocharged Aftercooled
Displacement 221.7 L (13527 in³)
Rotation from Flywheel End Counterclockwise

Engine Dimensions - Approximate

Height 3231 mm (127 in)
Length 4562 mm (180 in)
Weight - Net Dry - Basic Operating Engine Without Optional Attachments 25,140 kg (55,300 lb)
Width 1704 mm (67 in)
  • Air Inlet System
    •  Aftercooler core, corrosion resistant coated (air side)
    •  Air cleaner. Regular duty, dry, panel type with service indicators, turbocharger, jacket water aftercooled.
    •  Turbocharger, rear mounted
    •  Jacket water aftercooled
  • Control System
    •  Governor, RH, 3161 with self contained synthetic oil sump
    •  Air-fuel ratio control
    •  Mechanical speed control, without torque control
    •  Governor control
    •  Positive locking
  • Cooling System
    •  Thermostats and housing
    •  Jacket water pump, centrifugal
  • Exhaust System
    •  Exhaust manifold, dry
  • Exhaust manifold, dry
    • Flywheels and Flywheel Housing
      •  SAE No. 00 flywheel
      •  183 flywheel teeth
      •  SAE No. 00 flywheel housing
    • SAE No. 00 flywheel
      • 183 flywheel teeth
        • SAE No. 00 flywheel housing
          • Fuel System
            •  Fuel filter, with service indicators, cartridge type with RH service
            •  Fuel transfer pump
          • Instrumentation
            •  Instrument Panel, RH
            •  Engine oil pressure gauge
            •  Fuel pressure gauge
            •  Oil filter differential gauge
            •  Jacket water temperature gauge
            •  Service meter, electric
            •  Tachometer
          • Lube System
            •  Crankcase breather, top mounted
            •  Oil cooler
            •  Oil filler
            •  Oil dipstick
            •  Oil pump
            •  Oil filter, cartridge type with RH service
            •  Shallow oil pan
          • Mounting System
            •  Rails, mounting, engine length, 254 mm (10 in), industrial-type, C-channel.
          • Power Take Off
            •  Accessory drive, upper RH
            •  Front housing, single sided
          • Protection System
            •  Junction box
            •  Manual shutoff, RH
            •  Safety shutoff protection, energized to shutdown
            •  Low oil pressure, low idle 69 kPa (10 psi); high idle 207 kPa (30 psi)
            •  Water temperature
            •  Overspeed
            •  3161 governor solenoid energized to shutdown
          • Junction box
            • Manual shutoff, RH
              • Safety shutoff protection, energized to shutdown
                • Low oil pressure, low idle 69 kPa (10 psi); high idle 207 kPa (30 psi)
                  • Water temperature
                    • Overspeed
                      • 3161 governor solenoid energized to shutdown
                        • Starting System
                          •  Starting switch
                        • General
                          •  Vibration damper
                          •  Lifting eyes
                          •  Paint: Caterpillar yellow, with optional colors available at request

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