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Caterpillar and your local Cat® Dealer are ready for all your power generation demands. From diesel and gas generator sets to uninterruptible power supplies, automatic transfer switches and electrical switchgear, our experienced worldwide dealer network can deliver the power systems and support you need.


    The Cat Flywheel UPS provides our highest efficiency continuous power solution (>97% efficient). This technology uses a power dense integrated flywheel, which stores sufficient energy to ride through power disturbances such as dips or surges in voltage and/or current. The stored power is immediately available for delivery to a critical load during a power disturbance. This system provides ample ride-through time and allows for an orderly walk-in of the generator set to assume the load for the duration of the disturbance. The integrated flywheel design is modular, supporting easy expansion to meet future power quality/power protection requirements
    The Cat Flywheel UPS delivers lower operating costs due to several factors, including lower maintenance and replacement costs, the space savings associated with a reduced footprint (up to 75% smaller than a battery based UPS system) and a yearly energy efficiency improvement of 4%.
    With the Flywheel UPS, you also benefit from reduced upkeep and maintenance, field-proven mechanical energy storage that is predictable and fail-safe, nearly unlimited life with no fall-off in performance and a broad operating temperature range up to 104° F. And this technology is environmentally friendly, posing no safety hazards to either your personnel or the environment.
    The “G Series” Multi Module System (MMS) provides up to 600 kVA (N+1) of continuous power utilizing 300 kVA modules in an expandable lineup, offering a smaller footprint than many traditional UPS designs.

  • Specification Summary

  • Rated Power300 kVA (240 kW) - 600 kVA (480 kW)
  • System EfficiencyUp to 98%
  • Energy StorageFlywheel
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Product Details

Technical Summary

Rated Power 300 kVA (240 kW) - 600 kVA (480 kW)
System Efficiency Up to 98%
Energy Storage Flywheel
    • Flywheel energy storage
    • IGBT based Bi-directional converter
    • Integral modem - remote communication
    • Local Emergency Power Off (EPO)
    • Remote notification
      • 24-volt DC, genset start module SNMP/MODBUS communications
      • Remote SNMP/MODBUS monitoring
      • Remote status panel (8 status LED’s)
      • 4-wire input and output
      • &

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