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For more than 85 years Caterpillar has been providing power to customers like you around the world. From North America to China, Europe to India, in remote regions and extreme climates, Caterpillar is meeting the most critical needs and matching the most stringent standards. We’re powering the industries that drive economy: agriculture, forestry, mining, drilling, construction, production, well servicing, gas compression and power production. We’re moving the vessels, yachts and ships that voyage to the farthest coasts. And we’re powering the data centers businesses count on and hospitals and communities rely on. From 5 to 16,000 kW Cat® Power Systems are equipped to do more than just power today; they’re built to power tomorrow.

For the most reliable and durable industrial engines in the industry, the Cat diesel fire pumps are the way to go.

Diesel Fire Pumps - Highly & Lesser Regulated

  • World-class designed engine keeps the machine running smoothly for longer.
  • ACERT technology engine boosts performance and improves efficiency.
Cat has manufactured a full line of high-speed and highly efficient industrial diesel engines to power through the harshest of situations. Delivering high levels of output whilst keeping your cost of fuel and resources at a minimum, Cat diesel fire engines are the best in the market.

Al-Bahar is the primary distributor for all Cat diesel fire pumps in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Cat diesel fire pumps can be high powered and medium powered and come in a variety of packages for you to choose from. We guarantee that each part is tested separately to ensure optimum levels of quality, as well vigorous inspection on each full unit.

To find out more about renting and purchasing Cat diesel fire pumps from Al-Bahar, please fill in our contact form and a specialist will reach out to you shortly.

Cat® industrial engines are ready for your application. These engines deliver the unsurpassed reliability, durability, fuel efficiency, and low cost of ownership you have come to expect from Caterpillar. And our world-class product support will never let you down. All this adds up to a powerful advantage for you. Every Cat industrial diesel and gas engine comes with 75 years of engine experience. Our world-class product line of high-speed and medium-speed industrial engines in a wide range of applications offer power solutions for the most demanding installations and the harshest environments. With power options from 8.2 to 6,100 bkW (11 to 8,180 bhp), Cat industrial diesel and gas engines offer the widest power range in the industry.

Diesel Fire Pumps - Highly & Lesser Regulated

  • Model: 3406C
    Minimum Power: 292.0 bhp
    Maximum Power: 482.0 bhp
    Frequency: 1750-2300 rpm
  • Model: 3412C
    Minimum Power: 638.0 bhp
    Maximum Power: 739.0 bhp
    Frequency: 1750-2100 rpm
  • Model: 3508
    Minimum Power: 950.0 bhp
    Maximum Power: 1065.0 bhp
    Frequency: 1460-1750 rpm
  • Model: 3512
    Minimum Power: 1430.0 bhp
    Maximum Power: 1600.0 bhp
    Frequency: 1460-1750 rpm
  • Model: 3516
    Minimum Power: 1900.0 bhp
    Maximum Power: 1985.0 bhp
    Frequency: 1460-1750 rpm
  • Features:
    Minimum Power: 600.0 bhp
    Maximum Power: 800.0 bhp
    Frequency: 1500-2100 rpm

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