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Hydraulic & Transmission Filters

Hydraulic & Transmission Filters

Hydraulic Filters

Using Cat® filters is the best way to reduce hydraulic system contamination and maximize your machine performance.

We have standard, advanced and ultra-high efficiency filters:

  • Standard Efficiency – Maintains system cleanliness in most applications.
  • Advanced Efficiency – Provides improved system cleanliness for severe conditions.
  • Ultra High Efficiency – Provides optimum contamination control in all applications. Recommended as a clean-out filter for use after any service work.

See our Hydraulic Filter Cross Reference Guide for more information.

Transmission Filters

Transmissions require unique oil filtration products to protect the system components and optimize performance.

Cat Filters offer:

  • Greater dirt holding capacity.
  • Better cold weather performance with fewer filter bypass instances.
  • The optimal efficiency and protection for transmission applications.

Hydraulic and Power train Filter efficiency options

Cat Transmission Filter Recommendations

Cat Filters Cross Reference

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